About Transfar
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Transfar and Society

  • Transfar is devoted to businesses that are closely linked to technological progress and holistic development of regional economy, gaining remarkable social benefits.

  • At the same time, Transfar strives to have a good corporate structure, is a business with social responsibility, and gives back to society with gratitude.

  • When Transfar is developing its "Small Homes", it doesn’t forget to give back to the "Big Family".

  • Mr. Xu Chuanhua, Transfar Group’s founder, personally established Transfar Art Group in 1995, and created a large number of artistic and cultural programs that were combined with CCP’s principles and policies. The idea was to make the enterprise close to life and popular with people, which not only enriched the cultural life of employees, but also transferred CCP’s ideology, principles and policies to the masses through rich and colorful programs.

  • Over the past 20 years, Transfar Art Group has conducted nearly 4,000 free performances, and has traveled to numerous villages and towns across the Zhejiang province, as well as Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities.

  • At the same time, Transfar also actively gives back to society through its Spring Breeze Action, Disaster Relief and Poverty Support, Facilitating Education and Sponsoring Students, Joint Construction with Matching, as well as New Rural Construction and other activities.

Transfar Art Group