About Transfar
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Cultural concept

Make employees happy, ensure customers success, and lead the industry

Transfar’s mission is to Make employees happy, ensure customers success, and lead the industry, and we encourage employees to have the courage to pursue and realize their dreams. It is our relentless pursuit to promote mutual development of employees and customers, ensure that the industry advances forward, and to promote society’s progress. 

  • Responsibility integrity pragmatism and a win-win philosophy

    Transfar always adheres to the values of " Responsibility, Integrity, Pragmatism and Win-win" ,to achieve harmony between enterprise and employees, and bring about win-win situations.
  • Pioneering and forging ahead to innovate courageously

    Transfar believes in the corporate spirit of "Pioneering and forging ahead to innovate courageously",always keep the entrepreneurial mindset.

    create passion ,always pursuit the excellence.

Cultural Activity

Cultural concept

Over the past 20 years Transfar has worked on building the CCP, through exploration and innovation, and is a pioneer among private enterprises in CCP building work. Transfar has converted CCP building activities into a real productivity activity, and effectively promoted enterprise management development, transformation and upgrade. Over the years, Transfar had developed a working model that focuses on "aligning towards the target direction, complementing functions, mutual supervision and common development", between the CCP and enterprises.

Transfar’s CCP building work has received support from multiple levels of CCP committees and governments.
  • 1999year

    In 1999, comrade Hu Jintao highly praised Transfar’s CCP building activities, and stated that Transfar’s CCP building activity "not only has practical value for Zhejiang, but also has positive influence on the entire nation". 

  • 2000year

    In 2000, comrade Jiang Zemin made a special trip to Transfar for CCP building work. 

  • 2010year

    In 2010, comrade Xi Jinping commended Transfar’s harmonious labor relations, while Wang Zhaoguo, Liu Yunshan and other central leaders also commended highly on Transfar’s harmonious labor relations, making it a role model for the entire country. 

  • 2011year

    In 2011, Transfar Group CCP committee was rated the "National Advanced Basic-level CCP Organization".